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Way back in simpler times, remember when your compass box had all the essentials to get you through your school day? Every tool you needed to make it through class? Well, we are just that - for artists.

We are here to provide all the necessary tools and services that artists need to create and share their work with the world. We record, produce and publish music, providing all the right support, resources and environment for the artist to succeed in this industry. With great emphasis on quality and a talented team, we are here to get the best out of the artist and their work.

Our facilities include a top-notch acoustically treated recording room, a wide array of high-end microphones, a wide array of instruments and quality recording equipment.

Founded as the shed housing all your musical needs, Compass Box’s goal is to be an active contributor in the ever-growing, diverse independent art ecosystem in India.


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How Compass Box Studio has championed Gujarat’s indie music scene

Red Bull Music

In just a little over a year and a half, Compass Box Studio has emerged as the most important platform in Gujarat’s independent music scene.

Since September 2018, the Ahmedabad-based enterprise has been producing for Indian indie acts from across the country a series of one-take video recordings of their tracks, which are published on its YouTube channel. And it does it all for free.


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Off Airport Rd, Sardarnagar, Ahmedabad Cantonment, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380004, India

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+91 99250 28186

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