The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. We have helped record a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continue to work towards helping the music we love get the exposure we believe it deserves. To find out more about upcoming and current releases from Compass Box Studio, feel free to reach out.


Heat Sink - Can't Let You [NEXA Music]


Recorded & Associate Produced 

As one of the SUPER WINNERS of the top 4 Nexa music talent hunt, curated by A.R Rahman - Heat Sink's winning song that was produced by Clinton Cerejo recorded here! With over 2 million views, you have to go and check it out! 


Heat Sink - Volition [NEXA Music]


Recorded & Associate Produced 

As part of the talent hunt of NEXA Music through A.R Rahman and Clinton Cerejo, Heat Sink was selected thanks to their Compass Box Live Session of the same song! Aside from vocals and violin, everything else was recorded here at Compass Box Studio; and it's already gotten over 1 million views!  There is also another song that is going to be released soon as part of the top 4 winners, of which Heat Sink is a part of. Parts of that song has also been recorded here, so stay tuned for that update soon!


Heat Sink - Euphony

Jazz / Prog / Neo-soul

Recorded & Produced  

Heat Sink is an Indie band based in Ahmedabad, being arguably the most diverse and active indie band in Gujarat. After winning state and national competitions, they were recently selected by Nexa Music as one of the top original acts in the country and are now collaborating with maestros and industry titans such as A.R Rahman and Clinton Cerejo on new original music. They have been featured on the Rolling Stone India magazine cover in the December 2019 edition with A.R Rahman as part of the top 24 acts, as well as the winner in the top 4.

Judgement Artwork.jpg

Heat Sink - Judgement

Jazz / Prog / Neo-soul

Recorded & Produced  

The highly anticipated single from prog/jazz outfit Heat Sink, Judgement explores themes of how we look at ourselves. Merging genres and heavily inspired by the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, John Mayer, Jordan Rakei and Snarky Puppy. The single has found its way into the top playlist in Spotify - including Radar India - as well as Apple Music playlists.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Kartik - La Vie En Rose

Jazz / Folk


A great initiative by Kartik Shah (from Maati Baani) called Song and the City where he finds the right people to play on a cover of a legendary song, having done Berlin and a couple of other cities, Ahmedabad was next on the list. Featuring a lot of the Compass Box Studio crew like Protyay on violin, Raag on guitar, Marc on bass, Dhaivat on drums and Meera on vocals. All the guitar, bass and drum tracks were recorded here at Compass Box. It is also out on all major streaming platforms, so do add it to your playlists if you enjoyed the video.


Meera - I've Never Been Happier To Be Lost

Pop / Folk / Singer-songwriter

Recorded & Produced  

Meera Desai is a singer who was born and raised in New York and moved to Ahmedabad 2 years ago where she began further studies of Hindustani Classical music. Her background is in western music and jazz, however, and while she was here she began to write more and more English songs that she began sharing with more and more people. She recently worked with Raag Sethi to release an original EP of lyrical folk and jazz-inspired pop, titled ‘I’ve Never Been Happier to Be Lost,’ from which a few songs were featured on Apple Music’s top playlists. Her song 'Homes' was nominated for the Best Pop Production Track by the Production Music Awards in London, as well as Female Vocalist of the Year by The Indies 2020.

Random Gyan - Just Some

Pop / Singer-songwriter

Recorded & Produced  

'Gyan' in Hindi means knowledge, so Random Gyan translates roughly to random knowledge, but in context has a more frivolous connotation, akin to the random pieces of solicited or unsolicited advice everyone loves to give. So, 'Just Some', our debut EP features 4 very different tracks telling 4 very different stories, in spirit of the theme of random, spontaneous experiences, conversations and ideas.


Mukt - Jogi

Folk / Rock / Hindi-Rock

Recorded & Co-produced

Mukt came into being with the intent to spread legendary literature from all over the world through their music. They have successfully composed literary works of legendary writers like Ibn-e-Insha, Dharamveer Bharti, Saint Kabir, Kaifi Azmi, etc. Mukt's music lingers around the foundations of Rock with elements of Fusion, Folk & Progressive Rock.

unboxed vol 1 edit.jpg

Compass Box Music: Unboxed, Vol 1 

Compilation Album

Recorded & Produced 

The compilation album is a culmination of a years work at the studio. Through our live sessions, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in indie music across India. The goal was to create a collection of our work on YouTube on all streaming platforms. Most of the songs on the first volume was featured on the top Spotify and Apple Music playlists.


Compass Box Music: Unboxed, Vol 2 

Compilation Album

Recorded & Produced 

This album is one of the most anticipated releases since it is the follow up of our highly successful first volume featuring 8 of our Live Sessions as seen on YouTube. We carry on the tradition of remastering those live sessions for streaming platforms so you can listen to some of our most sought-after Live Sessions on your platform of choice.